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Who we are

Pixel Space is driven by passion.

We are your partner of choice for corporate events, shows, exhibitions and much more.

With our combined experience and our state of the art technology we supply the event industry with innovative solutions and outstanding precision.

Founded in 2013 by people with many years of experience in the business and working with a wide network of talented people within the industry.

With partners such as Christie, Barco, Disguise, Dataton and more we are ready to take on whatever challenge there is.

Our offer

We are focused to deliver the best possible audiovisual solution for each customer and event.

With the end customer in focus, we put a lot of effort in to the details and to find the right solution for each challenge.

Our services

Project management
Production management
Video technicians
Content creation
Event design
Special projects
On-line meetings

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Corporate events
Awards and Galas
Public events


Here are some of the project we've been involved in recently.


Please don't hesitate to contact any of us for further information.

Anders Ödmark
Phone: +46 70 260 31 13‍
Lars Ödmark
Phone: +46 70 260 31 15
Henric Svärdsén
Phone: +46 70 765 24 45
Fredrik Sernklev
Phone: +46 70 353 09 25
Frida Ödmark
Phone: +46 70 083 19 53
Alexander Söderberg
Phone: +46 70 225 35 35
Christian Lönngren
Phone: +46 70 530 30 10
Daniel Lehmann
Phone: +46 72 363 34 06

Visiting adress: Götalandsvägen 218, 125 44 Älvsjö

Please send invoices to:
Sundbyvägen 2, 141 91 Huddinge